Elie Andersen
Fall 2018

Elie Andersen runs an independent design practice. She collaborates frequently with Human NYC and XXIX. In 2016, she founded Crit, a collective for artists, writers and designers, and in 2018 she founded Olio, a publication and event series about sense of place derived from food. 

Since 2016, she has been the manager of XXXI, a multi-use project space for designers; a producer of Likeminds, a creative conference in the Hudson Valley; and a host of At-elier, a network of studio exchanges for travelling designers.

At the root of her practice is the infrastructre of community: creating systems which commit people to people, and people to place.

Elie Andersen was born in 1993 when the sun was in Aries and the moon was in Cancer. She grew up in Pound Ridge, NY, the third generation of female graphic designers in her family. In 2015 she graduated from RISD with a BFA from RISD’s graphic design department and then got kicked off a farm in Mallorca. Someday, she hopes to run for public office.