Happy new year, visitor! A new decade, a new opportunity to make a difference in the world with the work we do, together. This year, I'm particularly excited to get to work on some of the challenges in communication dividing our society — from translating between those who no longer understand each other, to clarifying the deliberately obfuscated, and using design to shape new systems of access and fairness in our growing and changing public sphere.

Do these sound like ideas you’d like to collaborate on? Heck ya!

contracted & self-initiated projects

Branding for a firm bringing architecture to everybody; branding, web and art direction for five generations of Iowa popcorn; branding and web design for a more ethical way to organize the world’s informationstrategy and branding for a hospitality experience that reconnects people with people and people with nature; ecommerce for an island heritage brand; a collective for artists, writers and designers based on group critique; branding and ecommerce for a brand that believes in selling fewer clothes; branding for a digital platform for women in the food industry; a website for the future of butter; an editorial about guesting and hosting; a publication about the un-Blue Apron-ification of urban millennial food culture, and it’s second issue; a subway campaign for boners; the Michelin of cannabis reviews; an operating manual of pleasure for the vulva.

in the meantime

Managing XXXI, a storefront for the graphic design community; designing with Human NYC; writing; learning Spanish on the street; planning parks with PlayLab, Inc.; collaborating with XXIX; reading Jane Jacobs; freelancing at Gin Lane; founding Crit NYC; self-publishing Olio; getting kicked off a farm in Mallorca; graduating from RISD; interning at NR2154; having people over for dinner.